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2020 Restaurant Service Update

 2020 is a season of change and new growth for Pensacola Cooks Kitchen. The most noticeable change is the end of our restaurant service as our customers have known it during the past 6 years. The restaurant service will not reopen as we had planned in 2020. 

Our heartfelt thanks for allowing us to cook and enjoy meals with you. Those memories are forever written on our hearts.💖

With this change comes the refresh, improvement, and growth of our Kitchen in new and exciting ways. Our adult, children, and family cooking classes, along with the PCK Incubator Rental Program and PCK Garden will remain intact.

Just as we have done in the past 16 years that have preceded this new decade, we have reviewed,revised, and re-evaluated our PCK business by listening to you, our customers. 💖

Your support clearly encourages us to design, develop, and deliver additional unique culinary experiences and services to the community. Indeed, we will! 💖

 Enthusiastically, the PCK Culinary Team moves forward with our ever-growing cooking classes and expanded incubator kitchen rental program, along with a new focus for the PCK Garden.💖

Please stay tuned here or visit us on Facebook , Pensacola Cooks Kitchen or on Instagram, @pckblessed.